Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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Goodreads: Christina Rated it 5 of 5 Stars...a perfect fit for fans of James Patterson or Michael Crichton... Code X: Episode 1

I love an action story that starts in the midst of things! From the first sentence, Code X takes you on an adventurous mission of a man willing to go to extremes to protect the love of his life...

This book has two equally compelling story lines simultaneously unraveling: Vicki, the scientific brains, and Parks, the tactical combatant-in-training brawn. The drama unfolds in parallel which keeps the story fresh, providing suspenseful breaks...Normally, after about 4 chapters of the talented Tom Clancy, I feel a bit overwhelmed, but the setup of this book is perfect for an avid reader interested in a great conspiracy thriller. I don’t recall a moment when I felt bogged down by too much technical detail - in fact, it is just the right mix to give you a soundbite to share with others without it being a chaos of technical jargon.

While I love Vicki and Parks, I have to mention the supporting character of Biggins who is a hot contrast! Biggins is full of confident bristle, a larger-than-life powerhouse that steals every scene. The dialogue between her and Parks is entertaining, a brother-sister attitude of verbally sparing at one another, and had me laughing. Fair warning to the author: if Biggins does not survive this series, I will be heartbroken! Overall, a thrilling conspiracy novel - held my interest to the final page and left me wanting more! Likely a perfect fit for fans of James Patterson or Michael Crichton.

A page turning roller coaster ride I could not put down.

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