Sunday, May 31, 2015

CODEX: Episode 1 Climbing Amazon Rank

Check out a fast, page turning sci fi thriller on Amazon that is moving up the ranks. I am just into the beginning of book promotion.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

CODE X Published on Kindle! It's Finished

Wow, didn't realize there was so many things to do when putting an eBook up for sale. I just pulled an all nighter.
CODE X: Episode 1  is now available for purchase. Kindle chooses the category of my book.
I have three gift certificates left and from now on you can read a sample of this Sci Fi Genetic Coding Mystery Thriller based on facts iaand set in present day America up on Amazon. I hope you readers enjoy.
Thanks M.R. Vallone CODE X: Episode 1: A Science Fiction Mystery Thriller / Genetic Engineering Conspiracy eBook: Michael Vallone: Kindle Store

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Published eBook On Amazon Kindle Today

After Kindle checks content which takes 72 hours for first time publisher, that be me, CODE X: Episode 1 will become available for purchase. That means you will see it Saturday afternoon. Kindle chooses category of book, I got to suggest, and I have a big reason for announcing publish date.
I do not want my public rushing to buy and crashing Amazon's computers. Please keep an orderly line when you stampede their website. I don't want CNN broadcasting the panic buying my eBook created.
Thanks M.R. Vallone

Friday, May 22, 2015

CODE X: Episode 1 (A Sci Fi Mystery Thriller / Genetic Engineering Conspiracy)


Why was there an Einstein, a Washington, a Hawking?
No one knows why, but the search for the answer is
never ending…
Be careful what you search for, you may find it

Dr. Vicki Collins won the Nobel Prize for genetic engineering before she was 30. Now she wants to pursue her new theory of genetics to cure human disease. If discovered, it’s worth untold billions of dollars to the world’s medical giants.

Nick Parks, her fiancĂ©, discovers the truth to get her under contract for their corporate research lab. He’s the only one who can see how she becomes blinded by her own celebrity to ignore the lies, deceit, and money used to win her over. They want Vicki to work for them and will stop at nothing, even a murder conspiracy, to keep her there. He will risk his life for the love of his life.

Hope ya'll like my book blurb description. Going up on Kindle soon! Only 4 FREE gift Certificates Left

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Best Laid Book Publish Plan Busted!

Oh Well, Now I am waiting for editors to finish grammar check. I can't publish a book where everybody is distracted by bad punctuation. So, I am at editor's mercys. God bless em, cause I ain't Good, Grammer riter. I need ? all hellp I can git. Now 5 DAYS PAST finnish deadline I wanted to publish on Amazon.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

End to a Best Seller Better be Best Selling

Forever optimistic, but getting it perfect to my satisfaction is a beeatch. What I thought would be ready is only 95% perfect for me. And I won't publish until I'm 100% satisfied. It is entertaining and really explores unthought of what ifs of how far do we want to go to play God messing with human genes.
So, if the public hates it I'm going to be okay with that as long as I'm happy. But hey, I want the public and critics to love it. We soon shall see.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hooray! Ready to Publish on Amazon

I should finish my first book sometime today. It is Episode 1, in the Star Wars, Flash Gordon cliffhangers. I thought I would try publishing the old style to make it new again. I love wanting to find out what happens. This is an exciting complex action/sci fi/thriller that I like, it entertains me. I hope more than my editors like it and people will approve with their wallets and reviews. Hope to publish on Amazon in a few days.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Will Publish eBook when I Finish Last 3 Chapters

Will soon see if I sell 3 books a month or 500 a month this week. Only you the public will be the decider if I'm a writer. Looking to give away Five free books from Amazon. Let me know.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How I'm Gonna Make $5,000 a Month with my eBook

I am ready to publish my eBook, CODE  X: Episode 1 in the next few days. I wrote the mystery thriller to entertain myself. I'm a hard guy to entertain. I love getting wrapped up in a great story: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Bourne Ultimatum, 2001: A Space Odyssey. I know it will make at least $5,000 in one month because my editors told me it is a best seller. Great Story equals Great Sales.
I love the medical mystery. Has human kind gone too far, too fast with genetic discoveries that come close to playing God with the results that can now be achieved? Has the world already opened Pandora's box. We are being taught over and over again, the best intentions always end up with the worst results. Man will never learn his lesson, that is why history always repeats itself. I will be sending out 10 Free copies of my book to the first 10 requests. Click the link below for a sample read or click my name for my email

Get your FREE eBook sample, Click Here

Las Vegas Luck at the WSOP My Best Friend Poker Buddies in Vegas

Shows how a guy from Columbus, Ohio can get lucky in Las Vegas. While playing in the WSOP, I got sat down next to Antonio Esfandiari and 13 hours later we became friends. What a blast we had in the tournament.  The Unabomber, Phil Laak, is Antonio's best friend and I had a blast with him and his ever so special girlfriend, actress Jennifer Tilly at Antonio's victory party for winning $18 mill.

My Buddies, the Unabomber and Antonio
Phil and Jennifer

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Not Writer's Block-I've Got Writer's Detour

Boy, I'm only one week away from finishing my book to send out to Amazon for publication. The problem is I've been at one week for the last five weeks. The outline is finished, and it's good: an exciting, page turning mystery thriller.
I really think since I haven't had a drink in two months and now my blood pressure medicine is way too strong. It was right for a six pack a day guy, but way wrong for alky-free me, and, makes me sleepy, drowsy.  Oh! And I'm exercising now and my legs and lungs are getting stronger. My BP is 100 over 58 resting, and that's after I halved the dosage.
Enough excuses, write 3,000 words today and it's polish time. Just do it!