Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Starting the Self Publishing Ebook Quest and Make a Successful Launch

Well, I'm broke. But, all the readers (not friends or family) who  have read samples of the eBook, CODE  X: Episode 1, said it was a real page turner mystery/thriller and wanted to read more as I complete chapters. I thought I'd share my attempt to take an eBook I'm writing, self publish on Kindle, promote it prior to publishing and make the Best Seller List on Amazon. Hope springs eternal!
As I progress, I'll write about success or failures on the steps I've taken to publishing my eBook. I'm open to suggestions. For starters, I do not have many friends, so I am limited in getting the word out. Very tough when everybody talks about use your list.
PS I have no list.
So it starts, a quest worthy of an Indiana Jones adventure.