Friday, April 17, 2015

Ever Try to Use Facebook Links? Ads Ads Ads

Boy oh boy!
I want everybody to know this over commercialization of the internet is out of control; our control. No web site lets us view the info we want to see without popups, screen blockers, email requests, tailor made ads, self starting UNWANTED videos, and just an overall assault on our attempt to just view the damn information we requested.
And now, try to  add a link on your own Facebook  page, they make it impossible unless they get a cut of it; in other words total control. If somebody had a program to block forever all these *&^%*^##* attempts to force us to read their lousy ads, they'd become a gazillionaire. It's time they let the people be free of their crap, after all, without customers (users), they disappear.