Sunday, April 19, 2015

Great Wins - Bad Loses

How many times have studios spent millions $  on a bad movie and nobody came? More times than should be counted. Great writing, great story telling, great characters always win with the reading public.
What I am saying is if you want to be recognized by the majority of the public, you must write to entertain them WELL. If you want to write a self satisfying arts book, poetry, reviewer favorite, low audience volume reach because you enjoy it, that's okay too. But, understand you will not make a lot of money doing low reach.
So, write the best story you can, make it a great story, then you win. You can't spend your way out of bad writing. I saw on Amazon a book where the writer had stupid money he spent on paying thousands of $$ for reviews, yes, you can buy reviewers, but they can't make a bad book good. Test of a great book is does it entertain the majority. Choose your goal wisely.

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