Sunday, May 3, 2015

Not Writer's Block-I've Got Writer's Detour

Boy, I'm only one week away from finishing my book to send out to Amazon for publication. The problem is I've been at one week for the last five weeks. The outline is finished, and it's good: an exciting, page turning mystery thriller.
I really think since I haven't had a drink in two months and now my blood pressure medicine is way too strong. It was right for a six pack a day guy, but way wrong for alky-free me, and, makes me sleepy, drowsy.  Oh! And I'm exercising now and my legs and lungs are getting stronger. My BP is 100 over 58 resting, and that's after I halved the dosage.
Enough excuses, write 3,000 words today and it's polish time. Just do it!